The Project: Experience Leadership

An effort to understand the underlying drivers of leaders and organizations who value Experience. 

Why Experience - Why Now

Digital is impacting all aspects of the human experience.

These impacts are felt in how we work - live - play - and generally experience the world. Many believe that we're living in the Experience Economy "which threatens to render irrelevant those who relegate themselves to the diminishing world of goods and services." Some have taken to saying that we're at the beginning of the Emergent Era and "... what's emerging is a brilliant future. With more time to be creative. More time to be human." We know that we're facing a tremendous digital skills gap which is felt even more dramatically in the field of experience design driven by a lack of proper educational offerings.

Our Approach

We believe research methods, rigor, and approach matter.

As researchers we wan Our methods are derived from our values in appreciative inquiry Learning from a wide-variety of these leaders will help to establish a baseline for the field in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to lead. Specifically, we're interested in learning from the leaders who drive and evangelize this value and the organizations which support these efforts. 

New and existing leaders are searching for resources and communities devoted to being a leader in the experience space. 

Given these changes combined with the significant skills gap, we feel it's important to see what's working today so that we can get a sense of what good looks like today in the field of Experience Design. 

We see this shift both in our client work and the universities where we teach. We're looking to identify the signals which can help to advance the field of Experience Design. 

Sound interesting.?